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These dudes are legit.  They don’t just show up one day in court, either, they actually make friends with the kids and let them know they have a support system and that there are people in the world who care about them and will always have their back.  And less important, but also cool, is that the few times a couple of them have come into my cafe, they’ve been super friendly and polite and when I told one of the guys that I noticed his Bikers Against Child Abuse patch and wanted him to know how awesome I thought he was because of it, he got kind of shy and blushed and said, “The kids are the awesome ones, we just let them know they’re allowed to be brave.”


is this how twilight was written


is this how twilight was written

Game of Thrones: A summary


but but but it is one thing to appreciate the culture than to make a complete ass of yourself to be like them I love Avril Lavigne I get her trying to break out from what she was associated with but it doesn’t matter how many Japanese things that where in the video it it just wasn’t appropriate

I think she’s pointing out that this was created in Japan for Japan, by the Japanese folks above her. If that is the case, then why is she getting flack for something she was commissioned to do? I’m not a huge Avril fan, heck this is the first song I heard from her in yeeeears, but the only people screaming about it are the people NOT in Japan. It’s like an American artist depicting themselves as big backwoods rednecks and the people of France having a cow about stereotypes.

I can hardly take this. Why do people even bother?


Gorgeous sci-fi panoramas by artist Saul Espinosa.